System of a Down are one of the more inventive and intriguing bands to emerge on the metal scene in the last two decades. But how well do you know System of a Down? Get to know the guys a little big more by checking out the System of a Down edition of 'You Think You Know Metal' above.

What does Propriety Vertical Industry Modular Accounting Software have to do with System of a Down? Which band member makes a blink or you'll miss it cameo in 'Zoolander'? How does actor Tony Danza play into the band's music? Find out the answers to those questions by watching the video above.

If you have any interesting facts about System of a Down, feel free to share them in the comments section below. And be sure to check out more episodes of 'You Think You Know Metal' below.

Script by Ed Rivadavia and Chad Childers; Narration by Full Metal Jackie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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