We’ve all got our favorite metal bands from places like Sweden, England and the United States… but how about Saudi Arabia, Egypt or India?! Check out these 10 Awesome Metal Bands From Surprising Countries!

Metal is a worldwide phenomenon and we do mean WORLDWIDE. Musicians inspired by the darker side of music exist around the world and they’ll even risk their own lives to create brutal metal. Saudi Arabian act Al-Namrood are actually breaking blasphemy law with their music, which is extremely anti-religious. To physically endanger your life in the name of creative expression deserves the utmost respect, so be sure to check out Al-Namrood in this Loud List.

Let’s talk about metal in Africa! The continent hasn’t produced a mass of beloved acts compared to places like Europe or North America, but there’s gold to be found in the human race’s motherland. Egyptian melodic black metal band Odious pile tons of African and Middle-Eastern influence into their music, balancing the dynamics in a fascinating and pretty damn sophisticated way.

For metalheads with an affinity for all things “core,” Angola has produced a band worth paying attention to in Before Crush. In a country that’s been ripped apart by war, Before Crush’s aggression comes from a very legitimate place, as you can watch for yourselves in the acclaimed documentary Death Metal Angola.

Discover some new music with these 10 Awesome Metal Bands From Surprising Countries!

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