Hellyeah guitar great Tom Maxwell is one of the musicians who has signed on to share his craft with Bandhappy.com, and he's ready to teach you how to play some of his licks. And now, Loudwire is proud to give you the chance to win a free 30-minute guitar lesson from Maxwell.

According to the guitarist, he'll instruct you "how to play in odd time signatures, playing with dynamics, perfect down picking, solo technique as well as rhythm techniques that will help develop you as a songwriter and/or live player." He adds, "If you're interested in learning music/riffs/solos from my music catalog from either Hellyeah or Nothingface, that it totally cool with me as well."

Maxwell's Bandhappy profile shows that he uses Dean Custom USA Solteros, Dean Cadillacs, Gibson Les Pauls, Gibson ES 135's, a PRS Baritone and a Fender Stratocaster, as well as Marshall and Egnater amps and cabs and a various assortment of pedals.

Over the past year, Maxwell has been promoting Hellyeah's 'Band of Brothers' album, which spawned the singles 'War in Me,' 'Band of Brothers' and 'Drink Drank Drunk.' This is the band's third studio album and before finding success with Hellyeah, Maxwell rocked four albums with Nothingface.

So how would you like to learn a thing or two from Tom Maxwell? To enter to win the 30-minute guitar lesson with the Hellyeah guitarist, simply follow @loudwire and @hellyeahband on Twitter and retweet this announcement of the contest by March 6. We’ll choose a winner at random. Good luck!

If you have yet to pick up Hellyeah's latest album 'Band of Brothers,' you can purchase it via iTunes.