Adrenaline Mob are proud of their cover of Heart's 'Barracuda,' which is truly one of the highlights off of their 'Coverta' covers album, and they're continuing their exclusive video series with Loudwire by offering a full band commentary on the selection and recording of the track.

Guitarist Mike Orlando tells us, "'Barracuda' was first presented to myself & Russell [Allen] from [Mike] Portnoy. Being a big fan of Heart and knowing their catalog pretty extensively I was very much into the idea but honestly never heard a male voice attempt it. Well needless to say once I sat there and began to track Russ' vocals for the song, it was quite evident that yet again he would do an incredible job as always. It's one of my favorite tracks on the album and I think everyone in true AMOB fashion hit it out of the park!!"

Orlando says the track has become an immediate fan favorite within Adrenaline Mob's live shows, adding, "'Barracuda' has been a great addition to the live AMOB setlist & fans seem to really be taking to our version of the hit. We have a poll each show day on our Facebook page where the fans select which 'Coverta' tracks we play that night and 'Barracuda' has been top 2 many a nights! That speaks volumes as to what a great track it is."

As for the video commentary (seen below), all of the members marvel at the decision to cover the track and pull it off. Bassist John Moyer admits, "I didn't think that I'd be playing a Heart song as a cover, ever," while Portnoy adds, "I think there's very few singers in the world that could sing Ann Wilson, but I don't know if there's any MALE vocalists that can sing that, with the power and the range."

'Barracuda' is featured on the 'Coverta' covers album, which is currently available for purchase via iTunes here. Stay tuned for more of our Adrenaline Mob 'Barracuda' tracking video series coming soon.

Watch Adrenaline Mob Provide Commentary on Their Cover of Heart's 'Barracuda'