During our exclusive interview with the girls from Babymetal, we spoke all about what fans can find on the group’s newest album, Metal Resistance. In this clip, the girls talk all about “Amore,” “GJ!” and other songs, along with their thoughts on the black metal genre.

Now that Metal Resistance is available everywhere, fans have been able to delve deep into Babymetal’s sophomore album, which is the farthest thing from a slump. Metal Resistance is tight as a drum, showcasing some of the most eccentric and technically mind-blowing music of 2016.

In this clip, the girls talk about songs like “Amore,” the infectious cut helmed by the centric Su-Metal. You’ll also hear her describe what she aimed to achieve in “No Rain, No Rainbow.”

Moametal and Yuimetal (the duo known as Black Babymetal) got their chance to shine on “GJ!” which is dedicated to hardworking parents everywhere. They also tried their hand at black metal with “Sis. Anger,” while Moametal spoke about her impressions of black metal when she first heard the genre.

Check out our latest clip from our interview with Babymetal and stay tuned for even more coming soon!

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