Behemoth frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darski has announced that he will be releasing the story of his life in print form. Nergal is currently putting the finishing touches to the autobiography, which will feature over 20 years worth of text about Behemoth as well as the frontman's victorious battle against leukemia.

According to Terrorizer, he autobiography of the black metal legend is described by the man himself as "like a really long in-depth interview." Titled 'Sacrum Profanum,' Nergal is planning to make video trailers for the book in movie-like fashion. "We're shooting some trailers to support it," says Nergal. "The episodes will be little portraits of certain chapters of the book."

Nergal also revealed how penning the autobiography has been both a cathartic and refreshing experience. "It creates a balance in my touring life and Behemoth," says Nergal. "It's a really draining machine, and doing stuff that's the complete opposite is very refreshing. It keeps the right balance in my life."

The frontman recently returned to the United States for the first time since his battle with leukemia as Behemoth headlined the 2012 Decibel Magazine tour. Check out our review and exclusive photo gallery of their New York City performance here.

Nergal's autobiography, 'Sacrum Profanum,' is expected to see a September 2012 release.