In this week’s edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ we’ve got Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, the lovable and Satanic frontman of Behemoth!

Before Behemoth’s phenomenal New York City gig on April 23, we got to catch up with Nergal to talk about a bunch of different topics. We’ll be sharing that interview footage shortly, but we also got Nergal to play a round our signature game!

This episode is a little shorter than usual because opening act Myrkur would have blown up our mics if we kept recording, but we spoke to Nergal about his early history as the frontman for a Danzig-inspired band called Wolverine. Nergal told us about the “Danzig worship” act before correcting a Wiki entry about a “band” he was in called Temple of Fullmoon. Nergal explained why he ended up leaving the group, citing NSBM politics creeping in.

Behemoth parted ways with drummer Inferno for a short while, only to reportedly bring him back after Negal couldn’t find a suitable replacement. He sets the record straight on that entry and proclaimed, “I need that man in the band.” Nergal also spoke about an initial report that chemotherapy was not expected to help his 2010 leukemia diagnosis, refuting the claim and explaining how his recovery was a quick and successful one.

Watch Nergal’s episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ in the clip above!

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