It's hard to believe that such a young band debuted their second studio album a decade ago, but on this day (Oct. 21) in 2003, Between the Buried and Me released their breakout record, 'The Silent Circus.' To celebrate this metal landmark, this official live clip of 'Mordecai' is our Video of the Day!

Between the Buried and Me have changed a great deal since 'The Silent Circus' was unveiled, but hints of the album can still be heard in the band's later works. Frontman Tommy Rogers and guitarist Paul Waggoner, the two 'Silent Circus' musicians who still remain in BTBAM, were both in their early 20's, but they were already masterful in songwriting and technical abilities. 'The Silent Circus' mixed metalcore with technical and progressive death metal, helping perfect the blueprint that many acts still use to this day.

'Mordecai' was picked as the forefront single from 'The Silent Circus.' BTBAM created a music video for the song, but this footage is taken from a 2005 live show in the group's home state of North Carolina. Although the original recording of 'Mordecai' features Nick Fletcher on guitar, Jason King on bass and Mark Castillo on drums, this performance of 'Mordecai' shows an early stage of BTBAM's current lineup, captured for a 'Silent Circus' bonus DVD.

Between the Buried and Me have proven themselves to be one of the greatest metal bands formed in the 21st Century, and we thank them by naming 'Mordecai' as our Video of the Day.