There are certain moments in life that make you step back and marvel at the wonder of being alive. It could be as profound as standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, welcoming your first child into the world, or something even better -- like seeing babies going through tunnels with Black Sabbath's music playing over the footage.

You may have seen some individual clips posted on YouTube or a compilation like the one below, showing the expression of bewilderment babies have when they’re in a car that goes through a tunnel. Well, one YouTube user upped the ante by changing out the classical elevator music in an original compilation and putting in tracks from Black Sabbath. The two songs are ‘Under The Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes’ and ‘Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener’ off Sabbath’s fourth studio album, ‘Vol. 4.’ The music seems quite fitting. Enjoy it above.

If you like this video, you're in luck. This isn't the first video featuring children and Black Sabbath on YouTube. We've shared covers kids have done of 'War Pigs,' 'Paranoid,' 'Iron Man,' and 'Wicked World.' Click the links to enjoy all of them now and avoid work a little longer. You're welcome.

Compilation of Babies Going Through Tunnels - Original Music