While fan outcry grows over the recent rift between Bill Ward and the rest of his bandmates in the newly reunited Black Sabbath, guitarist Tony Iommi continues his battle against cancer -- and he can count on vocal support (in more ways than one) from Ozzy Osbourne.

During an interview broadcast on Ozzy's SiriusXM station, Osbourne commented on Iommi's ill health, saying, "He needs more and more support. He doesn't have a brother or a sister -- it's just him and his wife and the members of Black Sabbath. So any encouragement, any support."

Osbourne is keeping a positive outlook about the situation, insisting, "He's gonna beat it. What it's down to is determination and believe me, this guy's got more determination than anybody I've ever met. It's gonna be fine. It's just one of those trials in life that happen."

He went on to recall the aftermath of Iommi's diagnosis, remembering how "When the bombshell hit about Tony's cancer problem I came to England. It would've been pretty bad if I would've stayed in L.A. When (producer) Rick Rubin found out, he said 'I will accommodate wherever they are.'"

"He's gonna beat it," repeated Osbourne. "He's got so much support, not only from each one of us in the band, but the fan base it's unbelievable. And it's one of them problems you have in life. He ain't gonna die, I'm telling you. I told him if he dies, I'm gonna kill him."

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