Black Sabbath recently completed recording of their '13' album, the band's first original release since 1978's 'Never Say Die!' But what will the disc sound like? The group members, along with producer Rick Rubin, offered several hints in a new Rolling Stone interview.

Rubin told the magazine, "I wanted to make an album that stood alongside their first four albums. The first album wasn't a straightforward heavy metal record. You could hear the jazz influence, so that was the goal and to capture that live interaction."

But the challenge laid down by the producer was not exactly what the band members had expected. Bassist Geezer Butler admits, "It was confusing. We had to unlearn everything we'd learned." It was also revealed that Rubin initially suggested legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker to handle drum duties, but the band preferred the idea of Rage Against the Machine skinbeater Brad Wilk for the disc.

Wilk says there was a bit of hazing that went on, but he had a great time with the group. The drummer recalled, "Tony [Iommi] was constantly fussing with me. I'd come in and he'd say, 'Did you get the email I sent last night with that new song?' I'm gullible as hell, so I'd say, 'No, I didn't get that,' and then he'd start playing some riff I'd never heard before. And I'd say, 'Uh, no -- wow!' He kept doing it until I knew he was just kidding."

As for the final sound, Ozzy Osbourne described it as "satanic blues." It was also revealed that 'End of the Beginning,' 'Age of Reason' and 'God Is Dead' were among the song titles for the upcoming effort. The '13' album is expected in June. To read the full Rolling Stone article, click here.