Say what you want about Black Veil Brides, but if you say it to singer Andy Biersack, you may find yourself on the business end of a verbal beatdown. During the band's Warped Tour set in San Antonio, Texas, Biersack called out a disrespectful audience member and spewed a highly effective, profanity-laced tirade in his direction for over 90 seconds.

90 seconds may not seem like a long time, but imagine how slowly each second would tick away while you're being destroyed in front of a large crowd of people who are definitely not on your side. During a performance of 'Let You Down,' BVB's Andy Biersack began staring down and motioning towards a man in the San Antonio crowd. After the song's conclusion, Biersack ripped into the offending concertgoer with surgical precision.

"Here's the thing," Biersack begins. "So when I used to come to Warped Tour when I was a kid, I used to see bands and I respect the s--t out of those bands on stage and sometimes little, tiny motherf---ers like you come to a show and you stand there. Then f---ing come up here and show me how f---ing big you are. Come the f--- up here. Come on. Part the way. Come on. You know what's f---ing tiny about you? It might not be your body, but you've got a small f---ing mind, so go the f--- somewhere else."

The singer continues, "I get it, I get it: we're not heavy enough for you, we wear makeup, we're fa--y, we're a s--tty band. What you can do about that is walk the f--- over there and not f---ing listen to us. When I was a kid and I used to come here, it wasn't about your sh--ty, macho attitude, it was weird kids like me who got to have fun. So what you do is you f---ing ruin all this s--t 'cause you think you're way too f---ing cool. I don't give a f--- about being cool, I care about being on this f---ing stage. Here's the difference: a little f-g like me tried real hard and I've got a f---ing band. You can f---ing stand there with your f---ing muscles and jerk off all f---ing day while I play on this f---ing stage. We here don't give a f--- what you have to say, so I'm done with you. Unless you wanna come here and show me how f---ing tough you are, I don't give a f--- about you."

Check out fan-filmed footage of Biersack's tirade in the video above.