We've seen Bring Me the Horizon's sound evolve over the years, and earlier in 2016 the band had the chance to take things a step further by teaming with the Parallax Orchestra for a special Teenage Cancer Trust benefit show at London's Royal Albert Hall. While the band is preparing to release that show as a live album and DVD and have just shared their "Doomed" performance from the show, they expect to evolve their sound even more with their next studio disc.

As can be seen in the video above, Oli Sykes and the crew appear to fully be enjoying the orchestral experience with the Parallax Orchestra delivering a soaring intro before the crux of "Doomed" kicks in. Once the band enters the picture, the full depth of the track can be felt with a spine-tingling moment coming late in the performance when Sykes is joined by a chorus of backing vocalists and crowd members singing the words in unison. It's one of the more powerful moments of the Live at Royal Albert Hall show. If you like what you hear, the band is offering pre-orders in a variety of options at this location ahead of the Dec. 2 release.

While the Live at Royal Albert Hall is a great way to cap the band's year, they definitely have started to think about their sixth studio album. During a chat with NME, the band spoke of once again adding more influences into their music, name checking Linkin Park and Massive Attack as influences. "Sometimes we talk about it, but it's in the moment when you're inspired by something and I don't know. I think there's an element of what we're doing now that will stay in the music, but at the same time it's like people thought that That's the Spirit was a very polished pop rock album. It's not," says Sykes. "I think it's inventive and unique, but it's still safe in a way. We knew the songs were gonna connect well with people. Next time I think we wanna push it a bit weirder. Who knows?"

The singer was asked if their new music might have a more dance-oriented edge to which Sykes stated, "Potentially, yeah. That's my favorite part -- it's something we do that comes across really well live, you know, when the song to us has a breakdown or like a heavy dance vibe to it. There's not many acts like that. If there was some bridge between what we're doing, somewhere between artists like Prodigy or Massive Attack and stuff like that."

"I don't know, especially if we're thinking like festivals and stuff, then I like that idea of like a darker dance-y kind of sound, but I'm literally just thinking out loud here, cause we could go completely opposite to that," explained Sykes.

The vocalist revealed that there is still more touring commitments for the band, but once their support of That's the Spirit is over, there might be a bit of a break before they start in again. "I think we need a good break from music and Bring Me the Horizon for a least a good month before we get our teeth stuck into it again," concluded the vocalist. Look for Bring Me the Horizon on tour at these stops.

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