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Greatest Metal Drummer, Round 2 – Vote!
It's time to launch Round 2 of our Greatest Metal Drummer competition! Having started off with 32 of metal music's all-time best Skin Bashers and Technical Masters, we're down to 16 competitors after the conclusion of the first round.
10 Metal Songs That Make a Great History Lesson
Alright class, welcome to Heavy Metal History 101. Throughout this course, we’re going to cover historical topics ranging from ancient Egypt to recent world events. However, this class is going to be taught through a different medium than what's typical of a standard history cou…
Greatest Metal Guitarist, Round 1 – Vote!
It's time to pay tribute to the greatest metal guitarists ever! There are countless shredders out there who captivate millions simply with strings and a pick, but who is the best metal axeman of all time? This is where the fans come in. We want to know who you think deserves that very distincti…

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