With the success of their latest album ‘Hats Off to the Bull,’ Chevelle has been busy on the road with bands like Filter and Bush. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pete and Sam Loeffler share some of their most interesting tour stories.

"At this point in our career, I’m waiting, I want somebody to give us a dirty look so I can call them out. It just gives you something to talk about," says frontman Pete Loeffler. "We had a lot of that when we toured with Bush."

"There were two guys that didn’t like us, on the left side of the stage, and I called them out," drummer and brother Sam Loeffler adds. "Any time you can call somebody out for being an a--hole is a good show."

It’s no secret that musicians deal with a lot of antics on the road, but this might be a first. At at a Chevelle show in North Carolina, a fan actually pulled out a gun. "He lifted up his shirt, and there’s a gun there. He said, 'I just got out of prison. You don’t like this, you don’t want to meet any of these people,'" said Sam. "He was all aggro and methed-out."

"We were playing shows with the Foo Fighters, and Dave Grohl walks us across the street. I said, 'Dave, no security, no lines?’” states Pete. "He said, 'Yeah, security makes more problems than they fix.”

Pete concludes, “We always felt like if Dave Grohl doesn’t need security, what do we need security for?”

Chevelle are about to embark on a winter tour that kicks off in February, hopefully they come back with more tales from the tour!