Soundgarden hit the road last year on their first tour since going on hiatus in 1997, but plans for a new album from the grunge goliaths seem to keep getting pushed back. Last March they revealed that they had about a dozen songs "kind of ready to go," yet it's nearly a year later and no release date has been announced. So, what's up with the comeback album? What will it sound like and when will it drop?

Chris Cornell is all over that first question. "It sounds like Soundgarden, but I wouldn't say it's similar," the frontman recently told Australia's Triple M radio station. "I think there are parts of it that are gonna remind anybody of us, but we've always kind of progressed from album to album. So it's definitely not a throwback. It's not us getting back to our roots — it's not that — it's just kind of a natural progression, I think."

As for that second question -- when will the album finally be released? -- an answer is harder to track down. Soundgarden entered Cornell's Los Angeles studio last spring with producer Adam Kaspar, and in June Cornell revealed that the disc wouldn't be released until the spring of 2012. That seems to be the latest anyone has said on the matter, so let's just keep our fingers crossed for a big unveiling in the next few months.


Watch Chris Cornell Talk About Soundgarden's New Album