Guitarist Clint Lowery is busy with Dark New Day and his latest project Call Me No One with Sevendust stickman Morgan Rose, but he says that a Sevendust album is brewing. Lowery recently gave Loudwire the scoop on Sevendust’s upcoming album, touring plans for this year and the band’s overall future.

Last year Sevendust fans were a little concerned due to a Tweet about whether or not Sevendust would be taking a break. Drummer Morgan Rose reassured fans, and when we asked Clint Lowery about his opinion on this, he said, “Sevendust is very much intact, like any band, you do two years of touring on a record and for us we never stopped so this seems awkward for our fans to see us take a break, we were really only talking about six months and then we would be back in the studio writing for another Sevendust record, it’s not even a significant amount of time.”

He goes on to say, “It’s just healthy for a band to kind of get away when you live on a bus for years together you just need a little breather. I love those guys we have a call to talk about getting in the studio again and it’s all good. Sevendust isn’t going anywhere.”

Lowery states that the new Sevendust album will “probably just a really, super heavy record, I think it’s time for that. It’s not about tryin’ to get on any radio station or any kind of thing, just trying to cater to our fans that supported us for all these years.”

When we asked him about any touring plans for Sevendust, he responded by saying, “We may do something like a specialty tour in the fall, where we just do songs from our first record and ‘Animosity,’ or something like that. We’ll just pick what the fans will pick which album they want and just tour that and do a full headlining touring cycle soon maybe beginning 2013.”

Lowery’s other band, supergroup Dark New Day, will release their new album on ‘New Tradition’ on Feb. 28 via Goomba Music. Stay tuned for our full interview with Clint Lowery.