The creator of the Cooking Hostile animated parody series is once again reimagining one of hard rock and metal's biggest names as a kitchen superstar. This time out, creator Joey Siler has set his sights on Faith No More frontman Mike Patton.

In this edition, Patton is the head of a culinary school for kids, ready to teach youngsters the fine arts of making their own meals ... with a killer beat backing him up of course. During the course of the 2:20 episode, a number of Faith No More favorites are parodied, now becoming food-related jams.

"Become chef for a day, make food for a lifetime," teases Patton's sizzle reel that he shows to the kids, before the man himself appears onscreen with an "Epic" intro. "You can grill it, sear it, even flambe, in a pan with some brandy, better back away," belts the singer.

Songs like "Ashes to Ashes," "Surprise, Your Dead," "Be Aggressive" and "Zombie Eaters" all get the parody treatment thanks to Siler, with the video concluding with the song "We Care a Lot" changed to "We Cook With Pots" as the credits roll. Check out the video in full above.

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