Sebastian Bach was a busy man this weekend (May 13) at Lazerfest in Boone, Iowa. In addition to his own set, complete with very special hometown guest Corey Taylor of Slipknot, he was also pulled onstage by Five Finger Death Punch.

During his set, the always amped up Bach got the crowd going, screaming, “I remember you Iowa!” Right before he tore into the classic Skid Row anthem 'Youth Gone Wild,' he unleashed a little surprise of his own on the crowd. “Well it’s f---ing true what they say dreams can come true, and it can happen to you Iowa,” screamed Bach. “And you know how I f---ing know that, because one of my best rock 'n' roll buddies is from Iowa – give a big welcome right now to Corey Taylor.”

The Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman took to the stage and addressed the crowd, saying, “My people, what’s up!” followed by, “I don’t know why I’m here?” That’s when Bach incited the crowd, getting them to chant ‘Youth Gone Wild’ before ripping into the tune with Taylor onstage. Watch the full video of the song below.

Bach’s time on stage wasn’t done after his set though. He also made a special appearance during Five Finger Death Punch’s set. Bach shared the whole story with his Facebook followers, posting a photo and saying, “Hangin' on the bus w/Ivan singer from 5 Finger Death Punch last night in Iowa. This band was INCREDIBLE live & great guys too! They even played a bit of '18 & Life' live & gave me a shoutout & brought me onstage! Thanks guys you are amazing!”

One thing is for sure, when Sebastian Bach is on the premises, there’s no telling who he’ll join on stage, whether it’s Five Finger Death Punch or one of past appearances with Guns N' Roses and Asking Alexandria.

In related news, his special guest Corey Taylor recently announced that the new Stone Sour disc should be out in October.

Watch Corey Taylor Join Sebastian Bach Onstage at Lazerfest