and  are bandmates in , and until recently they were also both in . Root has spoken about his ouster from Stone Sour, comparing the band to "a sinking ship." He has also said his problem is not with Taylor.

In a new interview with Loaded Radio, Taylor talked about the split. "It was awkward at first," Taylor says. "But the more we've talked and we've hung out and the more we've seen the success of the [Slipknot] album kind of burgeon, that takes a lot of the pressure off. And I think it's kind of helped him see that it was the right decision."

Taylor continues, "He just seems happier in Slipknot. And that was one of the reasons why we kind of had to go our separate ways, because at the end of the day, with all due respect to Jim, I just want him to be happy, and for the longest time it just seemed like he wasn't happy. And it just made the most sense to try and cut those … do what we had to do to make sure that both bands could still exist."

The vocalist also revealed more details on Stone Sour's upcoming covers album called 'Meanwhile in Burbank,' set for release "late, late next year." They are recording it in drummer Roy Mayorga's studio, which is located in Burbank, Calif., thus inspiring the name.

"We're just kind of putting stuff together on our down time and just kind of doing it piece by piece and trying to have fun with it," Taylor says. "But yeah, there's nothing immediate … It's kind of way on the back burner. But it's cool, because that means that we can kind of take our time and have fun with it."

Taylor also talked about Slipknot's latest album '.5: The Gray Chapter,' future Knotfests and other topics. You can listen to the entire interview here.

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