Courtney Love, jewel thief?

That's the ruling from a federal judge in New York, who says the Hole frontwoman is responsible for
two white-gold-and-diamond chains and a pair of white-gold-and-diamond hoop earrings she borrowed from a jeweler to wear to a New Yorkers for Children charity event last year. The bling was never returned, and now Love is being forced to pay in the neighborhood of $113,000 to cover the loss.

The widow of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain claims she tried to return the jewels on demand, but employees at New York's Mercer Hotel, where she frequently stays, lost the bag containing them.

She filed a police report with the New York Police Department last November saying as much, but the judge blew off her claim and says it was Love's sole responsibility to return the items. She had signed an agreement with the famed Jacob & Co. jewelers that she could borrow the jewels for the charity events but had to give them back upon demand.

And although Love must pay back Jacob & Co., the judge did leave open the amount due. The store is demanding $113,00 plus interest, but Love may be able to give them less than that.