We recently spoke with Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth about a collection of topics as broad as his vocal range. Loudwire was able to delve into the mind of one of metal's most iconic vocalists, with Mr. Filth offering responses regarding his connection to various Satanic organizations and his personal beliefs about religion as a whole.

Gothic Metal legends Cradle of Filth have proven themselves to be one of the most polarizing bands in extreme metal -- credited as one of the acts to bring Gothic and Black Metal to a larger audience. Religion has been one of the staples of Cradle of Filth's lyrical content, with a sense of mystery lingering over the head of Dani Filth. Long thought to be a Satanist, Filth spoke to us in depth about his beliefs.

"I used to belong to lots of different underground organizations and magazines, but never really affiliated with any of them really because I’m really one of those people that just picks and chooses a mix of what I believe in," Filth explained. "I’ve always had a very deep fascination with gods and goddesses and the classical mythologies and the foreign bits of all kinds of things. I’ve spent time in India and I like a lot of the Hindu deities as well as Roman, Greek and Indonesian religions. I just think that every godhead as a place in the system. It might be Diana, it might be Artemis – everything has a counterpart, so I think its all part of the same puzzle. I just borrow what I want, when I want it."

When we asked Filth if he believed in the existence of any Gods, he responded, "I see it as more of a life force. I don’t believe them being anything other than representations. If you see a star-chart of the night sky, classically it’s all drawn out. You have Leo, you have Libra, the Great Bear and you see them as that – representation."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Dani Filth, where we discuss his upcoming works, the Cradle of Filth documentary included in their new 'Evermore Darkly' EP and Filth's fascination with horror films.