Mark Tremonti has released four studio albums with Creed and three with Alter Bridge, but the prolific songwriter/guitarist has yet to venture into the uncharted waters of a solo career. Look for that to change sometime soon.

Tremonti recently told City Beat that he has been working by himself on songs he would like to release as a solo album, and plans on offering the tunes a few at a time as early as early next year.

“It’s coming along great,” Tremonti said of his solo material. “I just finished writing the lyrics two days ago. I’ve tracked all the drums and all the bass. I have sang half the record and have to go home during the next break and sing the other half and track all the guitar solos, then it will be done.”

But he doesn’t have the typical album release planned for the as-yet-untitled disc, which tentatively has been referred to as ‘The Tremonti Project.’

“We are going to try not to release all of the record at once, but try and let people digest a couple songs a month and then release the whole thing after four or five months," he said. "We will have like two songs a month and then the whole thing, plus a couple bonus tracks when it is all done.”

That should keep the award-winning six-stringer busy for the better of 2011 -- and ready to rejoin his Creed mates on the road next year. "2012 we will be going out with Creed," he revealed. After a five-year split, Creed reunited for a comeback tour and new album, 'Full Circle,' in 2009.

Tremonti currently is touring with Alter Bridge as part of the Carnival of Madness tour, which also features Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry and others. It runs through a Sept. 18 gig in Dayton, Ohio.