Creed have large expectations for the follow-up to their 2010 comeback album 'Full Circle,' and while vocalist Scott Stapp reveals that they are "halfway there," he also says that they will not quit working until they have their best album to date.

The members of Creed have put all other projects on hold to make way for their next record. "We spent about three to four weeks together jamming and writing new material," Scott Stapp tells Rolling Stone. "We feel five [new songs] have the symmetry and continuity within themselves and will make the record. So if you want to look at it from that perspective, we’re halfway there."

"There's two that you might hear on the radio," says guitarist Mark Tremonti of the current batch of new songs. "There's one heavier, high-energy type of tune. And there's kind of a moodier, slower, longer finger-picked song, like 'Faceless Man.' It's kind of all over the place, but we're very happy with what we've got so far."

While the band began the writing process late last year, it's still unclear whether it will be finished in 2012. "We could begin tracking as soon as March, and [if that happens] of course we’ll have a record out this summer," says Stapp. "We’re gonna continue to write until we feel we have the strongest, best album we’ve ever done. That’s our goal. If it takes all year to do that and the album doesn’t come out until next year, then so be it."

Creed are gearing up for a tour where they will perform their first two albums in their entirety (each on separate nights) and apparently revisiting the old songs has affected the new material."It just reminds you to not over-complicate things. We'll stick to making a record formed around these big melodies that I think were always kind of the essence of the band." says Tremonti. "It’s definitely rubbing off on the new music," adds Stapp.

The '2 Nights Live' tour kicks off April 14 in Chicago and although the band is mainly revisiting their early material, Tremonti says playing a new song is a definite possibility. "We would love to. If we get it where it needs to be, we'll definitely play it."

Creed '2 Nights Live' Trailer