Tool write music that goes beyond the borders of being progressive. In math terms, the group is equivalent to Calculus Level Four. Danny Carey has the unenviable job of keeping it all together in addition to actually having to play it. The song ‘Schism’ utilizes an array of time signatures, including, as the band refers to it, 6.5/8 timing. Oh, and the song changes meter 47 times. And you thought Algebra was hard. Carey does not just merely play in these time signatures, but finds ways to be creative and complex in addition to the madness.

Mastodon’s Brann Dailor must have sold his soul. The man is ever-busy behind his kit and never seems to be content just laying down a traditional rhythm. At points it becomes a question of how many arms does Dailor have? Two just can’t be correct. In addition to Mastodon, he played on ‘In the Eyes of God’ by the noisegrind band Today Is the Day. Anyone who is familiar with that album holds it in as high regard as Dailor’s work with the mighty Mastodon.

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