Dave Navarro and Marilyn Manson are blood brothers of sorts, and not in the way you might think. Although the two are friends and Navarro played guitar on Manson’s 1998 release ‘Mechanical Animals,’ it’s the Jane's Addiction guitarist's bathroom pranks that may have left Manson a little perplexed.

In a recent interview with Q Magazine, Navarro recounts the tale of ‘freaking out’ Manson by spraying blood in his bathroom. “When I was using intravenous drugs, I used to go in his bathroom and spray his mirror with blood from my syringe," explains Navarro. "It freaked him out. He would get his assistant to put on rubber gloves and clean it up."

After Manson cleaned up Navarro’s bathroom bloodshed, Navarro would take pleasure in doing it all over again. “Right after, I'd go and do it again just to push him. I thought it was funny to be able to freak out Marilyn Manson.”

While it is surprising that anything would freak out Marilyn Manson, we’re probably going to rethink our plans of inviting Navarro over for Sunday dinner with the family!

Meanwhile, Jane’s Addiction recently pushed back the release date of their upcoming album, ‘The Great Escape Artist,’ to Oct. 4.