The amazing metal documentary 'Death Metal Angola' is about to invade movie theaters in Los Angeles and New York City. In addition, the filmmakers have announced a digital release of the film via iTunes!

Loudwire had the pleasure of hosting a screening of 'Death Metal Angola' last year and sitting down for an exclusive interview with the documentary's mastermind, Jeremy Xido. The film has now been screened at over 70 festivals around the world, winning the Grand Prize for Best Documentary at the Rhode Island Film Festival.

Even cooler, 'Death Metal Angola' has qualified for next year's Academy Awards, so look out for the film once the official nominations pop up.

The gripping flick "tells the story of Sonia Ferreira -- a war survivor, lover of rock music, and mother to 55 orphans -- as she and her partner, the Death Metal musician Wilker Flores, launch Angola's first-ever national rock concert. Their dream is to help their country recover from decades of war, through the power of music and their love for one another. 'Death Metal Angola' follows Sonia and Wilker's story, giving audiences a look at a rock show off the grid that is fulfilling, haunting, and real."

To check out 'Death Metal Angola,' head over to Los Angeles' AMC Burbank Town Center 8 cinema from Nov. 7-13. After the flick's stint in L.A., 'Death Metal Angola' will be showing at New York City's Cinema Village from Nov. 21-26.

Pre-orders for 'Death Metal Angola' via iTunes will begin Nov. 7, with the film set for a Nov. 21 digital release. For more info on 'Death Metal Angola,' check out the movie's official website.