You just can't make this stuff up… Courtney Love has made some questionable claims in the past, but a new Facebook post from the musician may have set the bar to new heights. Earlier today, Courtney Love suggests she may have personally found where missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is located.

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been one of this year's most puzzling and tragic news stories. On March 8, the flight departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading towards Beijing Capital Internation Airport. Somewhere along the way, the flight's transponder signal was lost and the plane vanished. Nine days later, no trace of Flight 370 has been found.

It seems like everyone following the news story has their own theory on what happened to Flight 370, including Courtney Love, who believes she may have found the wreckage. In a bizarre Facebook post complete with crude annotations, Love points out discolorations in the middle of the ocean:


With some of the world's greatest experts working on locating missing aircraft and the unimaginable technology being used to find Flight 370, could you imagine if Courtney Love managed to find the plane with simple drawing skills and a hunch?

It should be stated that Courtney Love did send her best wishes to the families affected by this missing aircraft, as it is a tragic event as well as being a very mysterious one.