Disturbed may be on a self-imposed hiatus for the time being, but that's not keeping them out of record stores or out of our consciousness. The band will release a killer vinyl box set on April 21, which is Record Store Day.

If you are not familiar with Record Store Day, it an annual event which takes place on a Saturday in mid-April and it's specifically designated by the Music Monitor Network, the Alliance of Independent Music Stores and the Coalition of Independent Music Stores to get customers and music fans in indie retail establishments. Bands and labels traditionally offer up exclusive, collectible pieces such as this, which entice fans to hit their local mom and pops and ultimately support both the retailer and the artist.

The Disturbed box set is simply dubbed 'The Collection' and includes five albums and six discs. The band's complete catalog of full-length albums have been pressed on 140-gram vinyl.

Go here to pre-order this bad boy.

As for that whole "on hiatus" thing? Loudwire ventures a guess that David Draiman and co. will be back in action and better than ever before we know it. Here's to hoping that the band members are recharging their batteries and that the urge to rock our worlds overtakes them in the near future.

In the meantime, uber fans will be able to bask in the glory of this box set.