"It's Over" is just beginning and we're teaming up with Dreamshade to bring you the exclusive video premiere for the track.

It's a hard-hitting, deeply personal rocker from the band about a relationship gone bad. "I can't be the way you want / Stop pushing / No I can't stay no more / It's killing me / Don't wanna play your game / Don't want to feel like this again / It's over," sings vocalist Kevin Cali in the song, and you get a glimpse of the frontman in the clip as well.

Cali tells us of "It's Over," "Sometimes in life, you come across people who try to shape our character to their liking in every possible way. They want you to do as they say and many times they can confuse you to a point where you can't understand who you are anymore. They try to exploit the weaknesses of others to hit where they know they will have the upper hand and complete control. It's up to us to realize what is going on and stop it."

"It's Over" follows on the heels of the recently released "Dreamers Don't Sleep" and "Up All Night" from the band's forthcoming disc, Vibrant, due Dec. 9 via Artery Recordings. The album is available to pre-order via Amazon and iTunes. Stay up to date with Dreamshade's touring at this location.


Artery Recordings