Welcome to the second round of the Extreme Metal Olympics, where some of the world's heaviest and most iconic bands defend their country's honor in a series of battles to the death. Each band has been chosen for their importance and contributions to death metal, black metal, extreme metal, grindcore and other various offshoots. 16 bands have emerged victorious from the Opening Round, and have advanced to compete in Round Two.

American death metal chemists Death defeated Greek symphonic death metallers SepticFlesh in the Opening Round. Death will now face British black metal architects Venom, who just defeated Satyricon. Two of metal's most influential bands will now fight to advance in the Extreme Metal Olympics.

Pure American metal band Lamb of God have also advanced to Round Two, after taking down German technical death masters Obscura. In an incredibly tight race, Norwegian black metal titans Dimmu Borgir managed to edge out Dying Fetus, bringing Norway to the next round.

Check out music from these four bands and vote for your favorites below!

(The Round 2 polls will close on Friday, August 3, at 12 noon ET. Fans are able to vote once per hour in every poll, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite band wins!)

Death, 'The Philosopher'
Venom, 'Raise the Dead'
Lamb of God, 'Desolation'
Dimmu Borgir, 'Progenies of the Great Apocalypse'


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