Tenacious D are the best band in the world. No, make that the best band on the planet. Actually, what we meant to say is that they are the best band EVER. All you need to do is ask Kyle Gass and Jack Black, who comprise the D. While many acts that fuse metal and comedy fall flat, Tenacious D keep us on our toes with their power metal compositions and have us busting a gut through and through.

The duo, which released a self-titled platter in 2001, which was followed by 2006's 'The Pick of Destiny,' is gearing up for the May 15 release of 'Rize of the Fenix.' It's been six long years that we've suffered without any new material from the D, but thankfully, they have decided to be kind and generous, and will grant us an entire album's worth.

Be sure and check out the 'To Be the Best' video the band just issued, which is styled like a news magazine piece that explains Gass' post-'Pick' breakdown and Black's post-'Pick' ego explosion. It features a cameo from Dave Grohl, who works with the pair to help 'em get their metal mojo back.

We want to know what you favorite Tenacious D song is. We know, we know. They are all worthy of being worshipped, but here's your chance to voice your opinion about which song moves you the most.