Buckcherry have one word for you: F#ck! Yep, that's the name of the band's new EP, featuring songs that all have the word 'f#ck' in their titles. So, when Buckcherry stopped by our studio recently for a video interview, we felt it was only right we asked them five f#cking questions about the new release.

The disc includes a cover of Icona Pop's hit 'I Love It' titled 'Say F#ck It,' along with a song called 'Fist F#ck' that features Minor Threat / Bad Religion legend Brian Baker. Other tracks on the collection are 'Somebody F#cked With Me,' 'The Motherf#cker,' 'I Don't Give a F#ck' and 'It's a F#cking Disaster.'

So, we asked Buckcherry's Josh Todd and Keith Nelson such questions as why the f#ck they decided to cover Icona Pop; what the f#ck it was like working with Brian Baker; and the obvious question: Why the f#ck did they decide to release an EP titled 'F#ck'?

Get all the answers in the video above, and pick up Buckcherry's 'F#ck' EP at Best Buy or iTunes.

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