Five Finger Death Punch have canceled their upcoming performance on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show. The band was scheduled to tape the gig tomorrow (Oct. 12) for broadcast on Oct. 26.

With their ‘Share The Welt’ tour kicking off this weekend in San Francisco, Calif., the band is engrossed in pre-production and working night and day to ensure that this is the biggest, baddest stage show the band has ever delivered.

When we last talked to guitarist Jason Hook, he told us that the band was aiming for an over the top stage show for the upcoming tour. “We’re trying to build things into the show that are new and fresh and haven’t been done before. We’re spending a fortune on it,” admitted Hook.  He continued with, “I believe personally, being a big Kiss fan, that if you have a visual element to your show, then you stand a better chance of getting people to come back two years later. That’s what we’re shooting for; we’re trying to build something spectacular visually. So that’s all I can say, expect something big!”

With today's release of their third studio album, ‘American Capitalist’ (read our review here), and the start of the band's headlining ‘Share The Welt’ tour alongside All That Remains, Hatebreed and Rains, this is shaping up to be the year of 5FDP!

The band is looking forward to playing ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ sometime in 2012 so stay tuned for that and to find out when the ‘Share The Welt’ tour will be in your city, visit the band’s official tour page.