Five Finger Death Punch recently stopped by the Casper Events Center in Wyoming to play in front of a packed house. However, two songs into their set, tensions began to build as FFDP frontman Ivan Moody threatened to stop the show.

Crowd surfing is a staple at any hard rock show, but according to Rock 96.7, the people who run the Casper Events center apparently are very strict about the practice. Ivan Moody, having noticed that security had thrown a crowd surfer out of the building, took to the mic between songs and gave the security guards (or "red shirts" as he called them) a serious ultimatum.

Hey Red Shirts, how many are you? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – It’s not these kids’ fault that they understaffed you. The next one of you mother f***ers to armbar one of my fans and walk him out, this show stops and it’s on your ass!

Not long after the initial threat, Moody made good on his promise to cancel the show and let the six security guards deal with a few thousand pissed off fans. As the singer began to introduce 'Bad Company,' he cut himself off and left the stage.

We just got back from… You know what, dude… You know what? F--- this, the show’s over. Blame those two.

Luckily for the crowd (and security), Moody came back onstage after about a minute.

Sorry man, I’m not calling you guys out, but this is not a f---ing Journey concert. Let it go…

Although Moody and the rest of FFDP came back for the crowd, the frontman was not finished with his beef quite yet. Check out the full and exclusive coverage at Rock 96.7 to watch three videos of the debacle and to see how the conflict ended.

Ivan Moody Confronts the Security Guards While Onstage