Just like their band name may indicate, Five Finger Death Punch are swift and focused, especially when it comes to recording their next album. The guys have been holed up in the studio working on the follow-up to their 2013 two-part album releases 'Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell,' and a couple of members are sharing progress updates.

During an episode of 'Blairing Out With Eric Blair' (seen above), guitarist Jason Hook revealed that the band does have a title for their next album, but he's not ready to share it as of yet. He explains, "I have all these funny things I'm dying to say right now, but I'm not gonna say anything. Cause we've always thought about good joke titles like Five Finger Death Punch 'Keep Your Receipt.' No … 'Not Our Best Work.' No. I can't tell you the title."

The guitarist also offered that there are several songs in various states of completion and they even have working titles, but those titles may change. "Ivan's [Moody] sketching lyrics, but until they come together, we name them arbitrary … anything, just so I can refer to it. So there's one that I just finished called 'Pulled Pork.' It won't be 'Pulled Pork' by the time it gets on there." But Hook does see the track that has the working title 'Pulled Pork' being a possibility for radio by the time it is completed.

Hook concluded that the band is on a pretty tight deadline for their new album and they are focused on getting it finished on schedule. The group has already booked some shows for later this spring.

Meanwhile, fellow guitarist Zoltan Bathory has posted a new Instagram update featuring himself, Hook and drummer Jeremy Spencer in the studio. The guitarist says, "Listening session today at Jason's house ... The new songs for the next record are shaping up killer - kickass stuff so far." He also warns fans that frontman Ivan Moody does not have an Instagram or Twitter account, so if fans come across such accounts touting to be Ivan online, they're false.

And stay tuned for more from Five Finger Death Punch later this year. As stated, a new album is in the works and more tour dates are forthcoming. To see where the band is playing, click here.

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