Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl got himself into a sticky situation back in 1997 when frozen assets stemming from his divorce left him temporarily homeless. Reflecting on the situation on Howard Stern's satellite radio show, Grohl revealed that he stayed with his friend during the tumultuous period, but ran into a situation where his friend's dog targeted him with urine while he slept.

“I was living in my friend Pete Stahl’s back room, and he had this dog named Dinky that pissed on me in my f---ing sleep every night. I was in a sleeping bag in the back room,” recalls Grohl. “The dog f---ing peed on me man. I’d wake up in a wet sleeping bag because Dinky peed on me.” Stahl is the brother of Franz Stahl, Grohl's onetime Foo Fighters bandmate. Both Stahl brothers also played with Grohl in the Washington, D.C. band Scream.

The Foo Fighters frontman was recording ‘The Colour and the Shape’ during this transitional period and hilariously clarified some backstory about ‘Everlong' to Stern on the heels of the dog story. “That’s a love song, it’s not about Dinky pissing on me,” joked the singer.

Grohl went on to tell Stern how ‘My Hero’ wasn’t about Kurt Cobain, despite what many had speculated. He explained, “I didn’t write it like that [about Kurt]. You know what’s weird, when I wrote that, I had this house in Seattle, and downstairs in the basement was a laundry room, and right next to the laundry room was this tiny little concrete room. I set the drums up there, and I had this little 8 track cassette demo recording thing. I was upstairs watching television, and I came up with the riff, I went downstairs and recorded the drums, bass, and guitar, and sang [the chorus] over it as a temporary vocal, and it stayed.”

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