Drew Gage may no longer be a member of the Steve 'Zetro' Souza-fronted thrash band Hatriot, but the guitarist is still making headlines. On Nov. 5, the shredder witnessed a 67-year-old woman get robbed. Instead of ignoring the situation, Gage went full-on Batman, chasing down the four female robbers and taking the purse back himself.

Gage currently works for rideshare service Lyft. After hearing screams from the 67-year-old woman, he floored his car to chase after all four women involved in the purse snatching. The four hopped into a car, which was also stolen, but Gage was able to get inside and grab the purse, despite having his foot run over and being threatened with a gun.

The former Hatriot guitarist describes the mayhem best in a Facebook post from his personal account:

Just had the craziest Lyft experience I've experienced since giving my first ride November 10th of last year. I saw a woman get robbed from inside my car, chased down the 4 hoodrats who robbed her, got inside their car, got her purse back, and got my foot ran over.

I was parked on Union and Jones in front of a driveway waiting for a request. An older woman was walking up the hill on Union closely followed by 4 girls around 18-22, who were walking so close to her I actually thought they were all together. 5 seconds later I heard screams, and looked to see the 4 girls sprinting down the hill holding her purse, while the woman ran after squirting blood on the sidewalk.

I floored it, drove up to cut them off at the next block and they hopped around my car. I threw my wallet inside my car, got out with just my keys so I could run, and sprinted full speed after them. They got into their car and I held the rear passenger door open and got halfway inside.

I grabbed one of the girls in the back by her sweatshirt, and yelled at the top of my lungs, "GIVE ME THAT F--KING BAG." The driver yelled, "I HAVE A GUN." I looked around and saw one girl holding a pair of scissors and another holding a key, and yelled back, "SHOW IT TO ME." With one girl's sweatshirt in my left hand, I grabbed shotgun's neck of her sweatshirt and pulled back against the seat so she couldn't move. The car started moving, and they ran over my left foot. I yelled one more time, "IS THIS WORTH IT? GIVE ME THE BAG!" I saw the bag in the driver's lap as she was trying to grab the lady's purse.

I let go of shotgun, grabbed the purse before she could take the wallet out. By this time, all of the neighbors had come out as well as a PG&E team working on the street, all got pictures of the girls and the car. 3 of the girls bolted in opposite directions, one drove the car off, cops and ambulance came, and we found out the car was stolen. And found out Mary-Rae got the purse in London years ago, and that it was worth over $1,000. I hugged her, and she told me was going to use Lyft for the rest of her life.
I really need a beer.

Somebody buy this dude a beer!!!

Gage recorded guitar on Hatriot's self-titled demo in 2011. The musician has also recorded two EPs with Bay Area thrash band Invection.

Check out KPIX's full video report on Gage's brave call to action above.