Foxy Shazam are gearing up to release their fourth album ‘The Church of Rock and Roll’ on Jan. 24. And Loudwire is premiering the band's second webisode of their ‘State of Mind’ video series.

Foxy Shazam consist of vocalist Eric Nally, guitarist Loren Turner, bassist Daisy Caplan, keyboardist Sky White, drummer Aaron McVey and trumpet player Alex Nauth. The band meshes various genres together such as funk, rock, soul, gospel and much more. Not that they care about genres: “We’re not concerned with what category we fall into,” Nally says. “We want to stand for our generation.”

The band’s first single off of the upcoming album is titled ‘I Like It’ and their tune ‘Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll’ is available for fans to download, as well. The trippy new webisode (watch below) shows the band’s avant-garde and psychedelic nature.

Nally states, “Back in the day, rock stars were mythical creatures. Now there’s no mystique, but I like the element of mystery and longing. The rock star is becoming extinct. I want to revive it.”

Foxy Shazam are also serving as support for the Darkness' U.S. Spring tour; go here for a list of dates. For more on the band, visit Foxy Shazam's official website; and to pre-order the album 'The Church of Rock and Roll,' click here.

Check out Foxy Shazam’s ‘State of Mind’ Webisode Part 2 [Exclusive Premiere]