Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and children of all ages showed up to see Fozzy in action as they headlined New York City’s Gramercy Theater on Thursday (Aug. 30).

While many of us have seen Chris Jericho, the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, sweat it out in the wrestling ring, Fozzy fans also got the chance to see Y2J get the blood pumping onstage with his high octane band Fozzy.

The band played a wide variety of tunes throughout their set. New tracks ‘Sandpaper,’ ‘Inside My Head,’ and their album’s title track ‘Sin and Bones’ were put on display as well as ‘Chasing the Grail,’ ‘Enemy’ and their rendition of the Krokus tune ‘Eat the Rich’ from Fozzy’s debut record.

A small mosh pit broke out towards the end ‘Martyr No More’ and only continued to grow while they performed ‘Blood Happens.’

Not only did Chris Jericho sound impeccable but the overall energy of the band with Frank Fontsere’s hasty drumming, Rich Ward and Billy Grey’s blazing guitar riffs and Paul Di Leo’s flexible bass stances were a sight to see onstage.

Even though the Fozzy fans in New York were also wrestling diehards, which meant the night included random chants such as “CM Punk!,” “Let’s Go Cena!” and “Cena Sucks!”, everyone came together and agreed on one chant to cap off the night and that was “Fozzy!”

Support for the night included the New York natives of Kore Rozzik and Static Summer as well as the Georgia boys of Uncrowned.

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Check Out Photos of Fozzy Performing at Gramercy Theater: