Messianic metal act Ghost (Ghost B.C.) have unveiled a new music video for 'Monstrance Clock,' the closing track of the band's sophomore album, 'Infestissumam.' The clip showcases footage from Ghost's 2013 Los Angeles and New York City performances, and also features fans cleansing their souls inside the act's very own confessional booth.

For those who have seen Ghost perform live, especially indoors, a gift of enlightenment has been acquired. The setting for a live Ghost show not only satiates the senses of sight and hearing, but also smell as the congregation fills a room with the smoke of incense. We were lucky enough to witness the band's recent New York City performance, which is showcased within the 'Monstrance Clock' vid.

'Monstrance Clock' very accurately depicts the experience of a Ghost ritual, and the clip begins with a number of confessions by hardcore followers. The act's third video from 'Infestissumam' continues to spread the gospel through a visually invigorating compilation of live footage mixed with the chant-like singing of concert attendees. Also, be sure to look out for the hot go-go dancing blonde, whom vocalist Papa Emeritus II actually hit on mid-performance during Ghost's New York show.

Watch Ghost's official music video for 'Monstrance Clock' above!