Green Day just passed the eleventh anniversary of their American Idiot album, but fans will soon get a chance to revisit the recording of the disc with greater insight thanks to the documentary film Heart Like a Hand Grenade.

The band just released a trailer for the film which can be seen above. John Roecker, who had worked with Billie Joe Armstrong on his film Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, was invited by the rocker to document the recording process for the disc and the "fly on the wall" footage has now been compiled for the film. Get a peek at what's to come by checking out the trailer above.

The director stated in a comment on the film that the period of filming occurred near a time where Metallica had documented their sessions in the Some Kind of Monster film, and while there was no drama to the sessions, it does provide a look at a band on the top of their game. "It is a film that inspires," says Roecker. "It is also a very small film. All it took was a box of tapes and one camera. Going back to the D.I.Y. Ethic that I was raised with. It was also a risk for the band because this album was either going to take them to a higher level or sink them. Either way I was going to document it.”

In addition to the recording process, the movie also captures a small theater performance that the band took part in shortly after the recording was complete. The Heart Like a Hand Grenade film will screen in theaters on Oct. 15. Stay tuned for additional screening and release details.

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