Green Day performed an entire set of songs they've never played live before during their 'secret' charity show at the Tiki Bar in Costa, Mesa, Calif., on Thursday night (Aug. 12) before breaking out some hits during the encore. One of the new songs was a tune about late soul singer Amy Winehouse called 'Amy.'

The show, which was only announced a couple of days before it took place, featured frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and company performing a mix a brand-new songs and never-before-played rarities. Among the tunes were 'Nuclear Family,' 'Too Young to Die,' 'Carpe Diem' and 'Little Boy Named Train.'

For the first song of the encore, Armstrong took the stage by himself to play 'Amy,' a tender ballad reminiscent of the Beatles. The tune was an ode to Winehouse, who passed away last month at the age of 27, and featured these lyrics:

"Did you tattoo a lucky charm / To keep you out of harm's way? / Warding off all evil signs / But it never really kept you safe / You're too young for the golden age / Cause the record bin's been replaced / 27 gone without a trace."

The band has since posted the full lyrics to the song on its official website, where they also mention they've been writing new songs in the studio in recent weeks.

The rest of the encore features a cover of Ozzy Osbourne's 'Goodbye to Romance' and more recognizable Green Day songs like 'Welcome to Paradise,' 'J.A.R.' and 'Minority.'

The OC Weekly has a full recap of the show here, and check out a lo-fi audio clip of the song 'Amy' in the YouTube clip below:

Listen to Billie Joe Armstrong Perform Green Day's New Song 'Amy'