Green Day have revealed that their next album will take fans where none of their other songs to date have -- the bedroom.

Green Day fans have been tracking the progress of their currently in-the-works ninth studio album via YouTube -- the band has been posting brief video updates which display them doing everything from skateboarding to tracking drums and guitar in the studio. In a recently posted clip, the members even discuss how they can stimulate the listeners in a new way.

"I'm just trying to think how we can make people feel as attached to this record as we feel," bassist Mike Dirnt ponders in the clip. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong replies, "I think it's so personal and so voyeuristic. This is the first time we ever really sung about f---ing." Dirnt then says, 'The songs are gonna f---ing blow their minds."

Meanwhile, Green Day turn in an Oscar-worthy tribute to the 2012 Academy Award winning silent film 'The Artist' on their latest studio update -- perhaps their five Grammys are getting lonely on the mantel. Check out both clips below:

Green Day Talk 'Personal' New Album
Green Day Go Silent