Hellyeah are a finely tuned hard rock machine and the outfit is just about to put the final touches on its fourth studio album in seven years, with a tentative late April release.

Just before the holidays, the band posted a photo online with the info that new Hellyeah music was on the way. Now drummer Vinnie Paul has elaborated on the band's current progress. According to Classic Rock magazine, Vinnie Paul states, "It was an honor working with [producer] Kevin [Churko]. He really pushed and got the best out of us. Everything we did on this record was from a different perspective." Paul went on to call the band's latest work "heavy and diverse" and their "very best" music.

Churko also chimed in, adding, "They've really impressed me both with the tracks they brought in and with their drive to make them even better. I think they'll really be delivering their best record yet -- 2014 will be the year of Hellyeah."

An official release date and title have yet to be announced, but stay tuned for more updates on the new Hellyeah album as news breaks.