In an interview with Q103 in Albany, N.Y., In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink talks all about the band’s upcoming album, their future goals and making it in the music business.

In This Moment are gearing up to work on their fourth studio album and Brink says it will be “fiery and alluring, but still heavy and still us. The band likes to be different which each album, so that the listener is taken on a fascinating, but different journey each time.”

She goes on to say, “I don’t want to do the same thing twice, and I’ve really been influenced by crimsons, reds and darkness (in a positive way), so that’s what I wanted to focus on for this album.” Brink also reveals that the band collaborated with some artists on the new record. “This will also be the first time the band has had outside musicians, such as the guitarist for 10 years, helping and contributing to the album.“

When asked is she could change anything about her life or career, she sincerely responded, “Money. Not for my purposes, but I would be able to take care of my mom, son and other loved ones. I could send my grandmother on vacation.”

She adds, “People think that once a band is 'big' that they make a ton of money, but that’s not true. It’s hard to make money. It’s financially a hard business until you hit gold. However, that only makes you strive toward your goal more and work harder because of it.”

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