Nicko McBrain is known for his wicked drumming skills as Iron Maiden's kit minder, but he is also a proud restaurant entrepreneur who has celebrated the two-year anniversary if his eatery Rock N Roll Ribs.

McBrain is the co-owner of Rock N Roll Ribs along with his friend Mitch Tanne. The two launched the restaurant in Florida.

Rock N Roll Ribs brings the heat with a hard-hitting menu that wittily includes categories such as Headliners (Entrees), Solo Acts (rack of ribs or Rock N Roll Chicken), a Jr. Rockers menu (for the mini metalheads) and a yummy Encores section filled with mouth-watering deserts. Ultimately, with the catch phrase "Where BBQ Meets Metal," we hope that McBrain will see many more anniversaries for Rock N Roll Ribs.

You can watch McBrain rocking out behind a drum set in the videos below, as the celebration took place in Coral Springs, Fla., on Dec. 17.

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