Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix is a guest blogger for Loudwire. The rock frontman delivers a weekly diary during the band’s run on the Carnival of Madness tour, which also features Shinedown, Skillet, In This Moment and We as Human. Check out Jacoby’s latest entry below, in which he describes some of the backstage antics during the Carnival of Madness tour, along with some behind-the-scenes photos:

What's up rockers???!!!!

Here I am in my bunk, waking up with water dripping on my face because I have to sleep with a damn cool air mister so my throat doesn't dry out. Haha!!

There are some weird things us singers do to preserve our voices. No dairy, Zantac before bed ('cause the motion of the bus pushes our stomach acid towards our vocal cords while we sleep in turn burning them), weird ass warm up were I feel like I sound like a dying animal. Funny s--t. But I gotta do what I gotta do to make the show go through! Damn, I'm a poet. Actually, I just a dork, haha, and to be completely honest I'm not alone out here.

I have to say this tour has really been a blast! It usually takes a week or two for all the bands and crews to come out of our shells, get to know each other and start hanging out. Thank god my homies in IN THIS MOMENT set up the party tent that's all vibed out with tapestries, lights, disco ball, Darth Vader and Kiss statues (like I said, us musicians are dorks).

There have been a couple birthdays this week from the IN THIS MOMENT camp. One was for their dancer Mollie's birthday, which was celebrated with a cake fight! Gotta love a good cake fight. Once tons of booze have been consumed out here you never know what's gonna happen. Also, Randy the guitar player from IN THIS MOMENT had a birthday, as well. His cake was eaten and not used as a party weapon. Randy is a super solid guy. It took me a while to get to know him but glad I did. That dude is passionate about playing and is so stoked to be out here. I love it when I hang with people that are just getting in the game. Their excitement is a breath of fresh air!

Another night, Club Idiot was in FULL EFFECT. It seams like when ever we play Chicago the show goes off but the party pops off even harder. Broken bones, people getting thrown in trash cans (names will be withheld to protect the guilty). People doing the dance called "the berny." Then bus call. It's time to take this party on the road. This is when Club Idiot was really poppin. Drinks and laughs flowing turned into a front lounge mosh pit which ended in a broken nose and a bruised tail bone. Don't ask how that happened. Sometime dudes gotta get buck wild out here.

As far as the shows go, it really has been a great tour for us to be involved in. The crowds have been great and we whip 'em into a frenzy every night. That's what it is all about.

SHINEDOWN bring it every night. They will be a band that will be around for years to come! SKILLET slayed the show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I watched the whole show. The energy in the house was electric. I love the positivity they bring to this tour. No doom and gloom in their camp. Lovely people. Yes I just said "lovely," haha!

IN THIS MOMENT continue to deliver. I wake up daily with their songs ringing in my head. My favorite right now is either 'Whore' or 'Adrenalize.' Maria broke down her the video treatment for 'Whore.' It's gonna be dope! She is such a rad chick with a solid vision of her music and art.

My homies in WE AS HUMAN are such great dudes. They gave me a copy of their record and there is a track called 'Zombie' that kills. Get it now! Come early to check them out.

Well gotta bounce -- this coffee I just drank is hitting me and something is about to happen. Until next week.

The Dick Of Rock
Coby Dick aka Jacoby Dakota Shaddix

Our thanks to Jacoby Shaddix for contributing the latest blog of his weekly tour diary. To purchase tickets for the Carnival of Madness tour (see dates below), click here. And if you haven’t picked up Papa Roach’s latest album, ‘The Connection,’ yet, head over to iTunes to grab yourself a copy.

Remaining Carnival of Madness Tour Dates Featuring Papa Roach:

8/30 – Charlotte, NC – Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
8/31 – Virginia Beach, VA – Farm Bureau Live
9/01 – Raleigh, NC – The Red Hat Amphitheatre
9/04 – Memphis, TN – Mus Island Amphiteatre
9/06 – Allegan, MI – Allegan County Fair
9/07 – Maryland Heights, MO – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
9/08 – Oklahoma City, OK – Zoo Amphitheatre
9/10 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
9/12 – Spokane, WA – Spokane Interstate County Fair
9/14 – Sacramento, CA – Discovery Park (Aftershock Festival)
9/15 – Las Vegas, NV – The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Behind-the-Scenes Papa Roach Pics From the Carnival of Madness Tour

Courtesy of Jacoby Shaddix
Courtesy of Jacoby Shaddix
Courtesy of Jacoby Shaddix