Despite having released 'The Great Escape Artist' just months ago, Jane's Addiction are already talking about what they have planned for the next album.

Jane's Addiction have had more than their share of ups and downs during their career. Over the course of their 27 year history they've released just four full-length studio albums and have broken up on three different occasions. Fans of Jane's will no doubt be excited to hear that there may be a significantly shorter amount of time than usual between their current album and the next release.

The band performed their first gig of 2012 in Indianapolis for the Volkswagen Super Bowl Tailgate Party and according to drummer Stephen Perkins, their discussion on the fight home was centered on the band's next step. "OK, new music -- do we visit it while we're touring? Do some stuff on the bus and in sound check and go that route, or do we wait 'til the tour's over and take a break and then go head-first?" Perkins told Billboard of the conversation. "But we are talking about music, so that's important."

Jane's Addiction kick off their 'Theatre of the Escapists' tour Feb. 22 and are likely to schedule more dates and festival appearances after, so the band isn't rushing to the studio by any means. "When we commit to a record, we know it's going to take a long time to make it right," said Perkins. "So if we're going to do it, we want to make sure everyone's got the time to put into it, so we'll see. It's not easy getting to that point."

Although the band is excited about new material, that doesn't mean they've gotten over their current release -- quite the opposite actually. "We've got seven, maybe eight songs to pull the trigger on from ['The Great Escape Artist']," Perkins said of the setlist for the upcoming tour. "That, to me, is so exciting because we've been playing the same beautiful stuff for the last 10 years ... But to actually have all this new music ... and committing to each other to go on tour for a year and make it work and take those songs to another level is really why we exist as a band, you know?"