Janus, who brought the rock with their 2009 debut 'Red Right Return,' are set to march back onto the scene with a new album called 'Nox Aeris.'

The sophomore set is due to drop on March 27 via REALID Records. The first single is 'Stains,' which is at radio now, and the band will tear it up on the road with Chevelle and Middle Class Rut beginning Feb. 24. Check out the tour dates here.

In a statement, frontman David Scotney said that 'Stains' represents "a cathartic process of self-healing," which is a recurring theme throughout 'Nox Aeris.'

So, what else do we need to know about 'Nox Aeris?'

Well, the album takes its title from the Latin phrase for "night air" and it specifically refers to the 14th century, when a third of population of Europe was systematically wiped out by the famous plague epidemic. People lived gripped by the fear that they would catch the plague by going outside at night. Janus have applied that idea metaphorically to much of the theme of 'Nox Aeris.'